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November 1st

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What is the Trainee-day?
The Trainee-day is an exclusive fair focusing only on trainee-services. You as a student get the oppertunity to meet carefully selected companies in a relaxed and professional environment. Get inspired, gain knowledge and make sure to get one foot in to a  trainee-service at your favourite company!

For it’s purpose, this fair is exclusivly for Master students studying their last year at either Chalmers or Gothemburg University (Business or Economics).

What’s a Trainee anyway?

A Trainee is a person who is enrolled in a company’s trainee program. This program usually consist of a career-boost where the Trainee get to try out a bunch of different roles with full pay at that company. 

The duration of a traineeship usually is in the range between 6-18 months and it’s not uncommon for international posibilities.

Exhibitors 2017


Acando is a world leading consultancy firm in the IT-business. With offices in 27 countries we can provide IT-solutions on every continent

  • International posibilities
  • 300 employees
  • 12 months

Sveriges Ingenjörer

We offer our expertice to over 150 000 engineers all over Sweden. Thanks to our large member base we have salary information on every industry. Plus we give excellent jurdical advice and CV reviews

  • Posibility to take a CV picture
  • Review your CV
  • Know your salary
Application open in September
I’m sorry, the application is not yet opened. However if you like us on Facebook you’ll get awesome notifications of our pre-events and of course when the application opens. RAD!